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1 December 2018
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Patience in Negotiation

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Everybody wants to get deals done as fast as they can in all negotiated transactions. The problem with that, impatience, is that you leave on the table what should have been yours.
The ability to slow down, wait and watch is what will give you a leg up in the process. If you believe in your client, product or position well enough you will have strength in denying the offer for more despite the length of time it’s taking to get there. Supporting your demand with substantive facts and information will further add to your endurance.

Getting a deal done quickly may feel good at the moment but if at a large discount you have done nothing but cause yourself to find another to make up for the short fall. In Personal injury and medical malpractice, particularly, the value of human injury, pain, suffering, lost time from work and medical bills cannot be undermined because of the opportunity to resolve the matter.

Not only must victims of accidents be compensated fairly and adequately they must know that their lawyer fought till the end on their clients behalf and never settled based on fatigue, poor work ethic or pressure from the other side.

Whenever you are negotiating take a deep breath before responding, think it through and believe deeply in your final words- “I accept”. Alan Ripka